Ellyot Radburn



Vocal artist with a powerful mystical voice Ellyot Radburn was always passionate of music and Spirituality Ellyot Radburn received his first keyboard at the age of 13 years, child already he showed capacities of composer and performer.

Attracted by both, the Rock and especially the Heavy Metal, now teenager he had already made his choice.

Strongly influenced at the time by Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, the pioneers of Hard Rock in the 70s, there was no doubt that was his musical direction with adding a mystical touch. After long years of passionate practice, he eventually developed his own style and later decides to purchase an organ.

It is during a concert where he also discovers his way, which allowed him to be noticed by the leader of the group Rock Opera "Decibel" an opportunity that Ellyot did not hesitate to accept. Ellyot was included in the group as a keyboard in the role of Merlin the Magician, a role that Ellyot could take with great ease by his talent and natural mysticism. Then that group will enabled him to fashion, to perform many national tours and through the “Golf Drouot” in Paris. Ellyot did not stop there.

Many opportunities presented themselves to him and he started to compose titles for other performers like "When you smile to me", "Watch out! »... In 1989 after deciding to make in solo, he released his first 45 rpm vinyl disc "Let me dream" recorded at Studio Midi box in Cannes in France.

The sound engineer was neither more nor less than Michel Polnareff and the brother of Bernard Torelli, the famous italian guitarist of the group "the Rockets". 1 It was during a social evening that Ellyot took appointment with his future! Who does not dream of one day being presented and recommended by a great pop star and actor? his is probably the mystical and mysterious side of Ellyot which has to be introduced to Sacha Distel.

Sacha Distel quickly took under his wing the young artist. At a party in a village in Mediterranean Club in Bulgaria Ellyot received a call that changed his life forever: his record encountered a great success in France! He was then elected as a promising young star and presented for the first time its song at the movies Festival Palace in Cannes to an audience "delighted". Always guided by his "Karma". After this success, Ellyot travels around the world for a spiritual and sabbatical rest. Of course, it does not stop to compose and write while working his voice in order to reach a definite Timber of its own with much more maturity.

He decided to adopt a stage name before signing with ISBA and Mykonos records and releasing two songs "The Soldier" and "My name is engraved", two huge successes in France and Canada. Later, the mage he represented in the group Rock Opera "Decibel" became much more than a costume for Ellyot. All of these experiences led Ellyot to push the Magic to tend to his fabulous title , "And the Rose..." “And the rose” is a rock ballad that vibrates and transports you to the land of legends where the paths with extraordinary magic reveals the mysteries of hidden things… It is impossible to listen to this song and to be indifferent because you probably find as well, your Black Rose…

Arnaud Jay
Record label- Rock Solid Talent Entertainment 
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