Jimmy B And The Death Rattles



Jimmy B aka Daniel Bateman - Lead Vocals / Lyricist

Skid aka - Guitars / Co Songwriter

The Captain aka Jude Juan Nate - Lead Guitar / Co Songwriter

Proff aka Mark Howkins - Bass / Co Songwriter

Kristian Driver - Drums

Joanna Thorn - Keyboards / Synths

Fanny X aka Anna Foley - Backing Vocals / Co Songwriter


Releases & Credits


Album - Porno Taught Me How To Love

Cover Art Design: Daniel Bateman & Sam Gill

All Songs written by Jimmy B and the Death Rattles

Recorded at Global Fire Media

Produced by Ross Gill & Elkanah Groves

Video - We Are Fire

Filmed at Global Fire Media

Edited by Ross Gill & Daniel Batemen

Art Design by Daniel Batmen & Sam Gill

Video - Monkey Head

Filmed at various locations

Produced by Jude Juan Nate & Jimmy B and the Death Rattles

Edited by Jude Juan Nate


Past Members


Sam Gill - Keyboards/Synths/Backing Vocals on Porno Taught Me How To Love

Nat Carey - Drums on Porno Taught Me How To Love

Simon Fielker - Drums


Jimmy B and the Death Rattles were formed at the end of 2017 with the wish to bring art back into Rock music. During the June of 2018 we decided it was time to write an album, in a creative writing frenzy the debut album Porno Taught Me How To Love was created and was released in February 2019 and re-released a year later with the support of Rock Solid Talent Entertainment.  The album has received thrilling reviews


2018 / 2019 saw a gig explosion for the band playing at various festivals and supporting some well known artists on UK Tours not mention the album launch, however as 2020 approached we lost our Keyboard player Sam Gill and soon to follow Drummer Nat Carey, however in true Death Rattle style the band quickly found another drummer in Simon Fielker, unfortunately Simon could stay for long but we were very lucky to soon replace Simon with Dean White and following many requests finally landed Joanna Thorn on Keyboards/Synths, Jimmy B and the Death Rattles are complete again.


Musically we take our influences from vast range including The Doors, David Bowie, Black Sabbath, The Police, Sex Pistols, Smashing Pumkins, Lenny Kravitz, Guns n Roses, Skid Row, The Clash, Stooges, Pixies to name but a few.  


So what the plan now, well it is album two titled 'Beyond The Fake Lights' and will follow a concept as Porno Taught Me How To Love did, Daniel Bateman the bands singer and frontman has from a writing point of view has begun work on this new concept with the music following as quick as the lyrics are written, we feel another creative writing frenzy again!!  Watch this space.....


Each band member has a wealthy amount of musicianship behind them and each brings a strong innate sense of theatre and drama to their playing and live performances, not too missed.


Love On Ya


Jimmy B and the Death Rattles 

We're worried about our future but we know music can still and always will set you free...if the future is a place, we hope to see you all there.


Love On Ya,

J.B. 2020

 Manager-  Phil Taylor
 Record label-  Rock Solid Talent Entertainment 
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Their NEW  album  is being recorded in the UK and mastered by BigChris Flores in L.A. As well as their singer has just finished a project with Big Chris which we are holding on releasing due to possible TV/Film placement. 
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