Jimmy B And The Death Rattles

Members are:

* Jimmy.B aka Daniel Bateman - Lead Vocals/Synths/Lyricist.

* Fanny. X aka Anna Foley - Backing Vocalist.

* Skid aka Dave Payne - Guitar/Co Songwriter.

* Proff aka Mark Howkins - Bass/Co Songwriter.

* The Captain aka Jude Juan Nate - Lead Guitar/Co Songwriter.

* The Cymbol aka Simon Fielker - Drums & Percussion.

Past Members:

* Joey RolaRama aka Sam Gill - Piano/Synths/Keytar/Backing Vocals.

* Nat Carey aka Psyche - Drums.

Releases and Credits:

Album - Porno Taught Me How To Love.

Cover Art Design: Daniel Bateman and Sam Gill.

All Songs by Jimmy.B & the Death Rattles.

Recorded at Global Fire Media.

Produced by: Ross Gill & Elkanah Groves.

Videos - We Are Fire.

Filmed at Global Fire.

Edited by Ross Gill, Daniel Bateman.

Art Design by Daniel Bateman & Sam Gill.

Jimmy.B & the Death Rattles were formed at the end of 2017 with an original line-up of 6 musicians and 3 dancers who were named The Dead Nymphets. The album Porno Taught Me How To Love is a collection of songs that came together very quickly in a creative frenzy of studio and live work. The title of the album, although a little controversial, was an indictment from the narrators point of view on a modern capitalist society and culture, where anything of creative depth and importance has been replaced by cheap, franchised, multipacked , corporate rubbish. The songs stand alone but also provide a soundtrack to a concept based on a sci-fi fantasy story written by Sam Gill, the bands piano player. In the story, set way into the future, what is left of human kind now lives in a 3 tier state society within a massive cave deep beneath the now burnt wasteland of earths surface. The city of Lux holds all the power and wealth and has banned all art, music, film, books and general creative culture, in order to keep the people living below in the stack houses in line and unable to revolt in any way. Jimmy.B forms a rebellion in the guise of a band with Joey Rolarama in order to create an uprise and overthrow the evil Queen Of Lux with art and music......

Oh, and maybe a baseball bat or two.


As 2020 approached, after playing countless gigs, having recorded and promoted a debut album and had it released to thrilling reviews, after having shot a video and just days before beginning the next chapter of the band, DISASTER struck and we lost two members, Sam and Nat, not due to any fallings out or bad feeling but more because sometimes 'life' just gets in the way and people have to bail and so sadly they did. And we continue to wish them all the best in their seperate endeavous.


So, it was re-think and re-build time for the band, now feeling a little let down, disappointed and wounded. But the show must go on and so it did...

In recent months the band have fully rebuilt themselves adding Simon Fielker on drums and Anna Foley on backing vocals. The sound of the band has sharpened and tightened up and new songs have started to take form and shape. So, now as we work towards album 2, Beyond The Fake Lights, we are excited about our future (despite the current gobal crisis) and look forward to continuing this new chapter in the life of Jimmy.B & the Death Rattles.

But what's left of the concept, the character names and all that work...?

As album 2 starts to take shape from a writing point of view, Daniel Bateman the bands lead singer and lrycist, has begun work on a new concept that will again tie the new songs together along a narrative line. Also, as album 1, this concept can be followed by the listener if they choose but is not essential as the songs will again stand alone. Every member of the band has a wealthy history of musicianship behind them and each brings a strong innate sense of theatre and drama to their playing and live performance. Not to be missed

We're worried about our future but we know music can still and always will set you free...if the future is a place, we hope to see you all there.


Love On Ya,

J.B. 2020

 Manager-  Phil Taylor
 Record label-  Rock Solid Talent Entertainment 

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