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Kenzé is a 26 year old Musician, Singer and Songwriter hailing from Scotland


Kenzé Is a registered member of the United Kingdom PRS (Performing Right Society) and MCPS (Mechanical Copyright Protection Society).

Kenzé has been writing and playing music since she was 14 years old.


Kenzé always had interest in music ever since she can remember which was 4 years old. Kenzé is a dark writer with dark riffs and a growler.


Kenzé likes to play any kind of music but mostly Rock/Grunge but she is open minded to any genre.


Kenzé’s favourite bands are Nirvana, Marilyn Manson and Oasis.


Kenzé likes any kind of music but she mostly likes to listen to Rap music.


Kenzé will be recording her vocals and her guitar tracks  in Wales UK at Studio 49 for 8 new songs. 

Kenzé' s New Debut album will be released through her record label world wide in early 2019.

Manager- Phil Taylor 
Production company- Studio 49
Producer- Nick Swannell

Co- Producer- Kenzé

Kenzé is signed to Rock Solid Talent Entertainment Record Label 


Kenzé’s manager is Rock Solid Talent Entertainment

Owner/ Phil Taylor


Kenze's website is-

Special Guests on Kenze's debut album

Paul McManus - Drums- Drummer for GUN
Barry Bennedetta - Lead Guitar
Former- Cinderella & Former Waysted

Charlie Scarr - drums on 'Away'

Jack Beddis - drums on 'I Like It'

Record Label- Rock Solid Talent Entertainment

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