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Ray Donato

Ray Donato is a  singer/songwriter/musician for over 20 years teaching himself his personal instrument piano continuing with song writing and producing his own music. 

Born in a small happy Island in the Caribbean called Aruba.
they do all kinds of music there, but the genre Ray love's is Rock music.

Ray started as a lead singer with a band called ' The Jaywalkers' in a casino when he wa 22 years old.

Ray's  journey began officialy as a musician and so he had got many gigs
for all these years in all kinds of places hotels bars restaurants clubs cafe's
including Hard Rock Cafe and a big festivals with different bands duo and soloist.

Releasing his album of 10 songs called " Ride with Me" July 22nd 2022 through RSTE/AMG/SONY, for Rock 'n Rollers and all that matters to him is to make good music for everyone to enjoy.

When you hear his music you will be feeling like music in the 90's above and he is sure you would love that.

Up until now the person who gave him a hand and pulled him in the music
industry was his cousin Hubert Thiel from
TISS Studio Aruba that recorded the co-founder and first lead singer of AC/DC, Dave Evans  in Aruba. 

Since he was a child he always wanted to sing, he used to blast his moms radio at home just to sing along, at that time and still love's his music MJ. So he discovered himself that he Icould sing and grew up in music.

His cousin Hubert Thiel who is a great piano player producer.

Tiss Production that heard him singing in a song festival and discovered that he could sing, so he pushed Ray to go on and helped him a lot guiding
Ray through the music industry and his projects so he is very greatfull and lucky.

Ray love's old time rock music so he came with the idea to make a whole rock album and trying to keep it with the old rock flavor specially in the punk rock genre.

The way Ray process's his music may vary, some time comes a melody in his head and he takes his phone records it and at home he sit's and start's making music.  

Other times he just sit's in front of his piano and just starts to play with it and boom he creates another song.

Ray would like to collaborate with new musicians who would want and need help in making of music.

Ray lives in the Caribbean so he know's about so many kinds of music that can help.

For Ray it don't really matter what show he get's to open but if he can choose he would love to open the show for Bon Jovi or AC/DC That would be amazing
for his fans out there.

Ray thanks everyone so much for the support and to love his music, never go through your day without music it helps a lot in making your day a great and fun one.

Ray try's to make use of every talent he has and that's why he has it right, even though one of his talents is know how to play small percussions, but for this rock album it's useless.

Ray is so thankful for where he is right now.

If it wasn't for his music career, well honestly don't really know
what he would be doing, but for sure must be something to do with fun and entertainment. 

He could be diving as he is also a rescue diver certified or tour guide and if there are no choice he would be doing electrical installation
which is so boring.

Ray has performed in so many places like hotels restaurants night club casino, his favorite gig is performing by the beach or a pool area.

So far there are no upcoming shows booked because of this pandemic.

Thanks to the internet we can still share our music to the world otherwise what would be doing with out the net. especialy in this pandemic situation it helps us a lot especialy musicians to help our music to reach every one.

His favorite song to perform would be "Ride With Me". that song makes Ray feel happy and free like you don't have to worry about anything just go out and enjoy life with your partner while you can beacuse life is too short.

Everybody has a favorite artist that inspire them. in his case he admire's MJ because of his imagination and his way of bringning music and happyness to the world.

Songs that makes an impack in your life the way he brought his songs to life on stage, Ray never had a chance to be present in one of his concerts.

Ray has been well raised and taught to be a kind person so he always keeps himself away from trouble, besides that school fight, well who didn't.

The best advice Ray has been given is to always stick to your dream never give up for what you wish for, nobody is going to make it happen for you, so keep on work harder and harder untill you reach your goal.

The industry is already changing the way he would like it is bringing all atrists together to share all music and culture bring more joy to the world.

What's next is to keep going foreward work harder and harder till I reach my goal. make more music share it to the world and make people happy and hope to get on the big stage one day.

Record label-
Rock Solid Talent Entertainment
Distributor- RSTE/AMG/SONY
Distributed throughout Asia VIA- KDM MUSIC

Distributed by:


Distributed throughout Asia VIA- KDM MUSIC

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